On a Personal Note

Sound As Ever started as a way to connect with friends and create a collection of vibes, thoughts and memories of my father Gram Parsons, who I adore for his high class hippie nomadic lifestyle and true sense of authenticity. 

“Sound As Ever” is how dad would sign off on his written letters and became the name of this project quite naturally. As music is at the core of all that inspires us, you could say we are a brand with a really great soundtrack ... 

The timing feels right as we are all longing for connectedness and opportunities to share. You will find a weaving of stories from my life with Gram and Nancy on our Journal page as well as “collections “ of things I love from artisans that inspire us as they are rooted in both connection and community. I truly hope you enjoy the experience you find here. Welcome! 

Sound As Ever, 

Polly Parsons

Meet Sound as Ever

You could say Sound As Ever is all encompassing of a verb. Many verbs convey action, of "doing" something. But some verbs do not give the idea of action; they give the idea of existence, of state, of "being".

Our brand is both.

The products we’re providing - which were designed to be an intersection of style, experience and human connection - are not intended to be without meaningful action or connection, for connection is at the heart of each item we offer. To others, to yourself. We see this as an opportunity to live a more artful, soulful life. The next part of the story is up to you.

What's in a Name?

Our Founder Polly Parsons - a music industry veteran and daughter of the late musician Gram Parsons - set out to launch Sound As Ever with two friends {Erika Schultz, an Artist Manager and Record Label President and Libby Rose, a Music Festival and Live Events Producer} in the Spring of 2021.  Naturally, our brand is influenced by Gram - a man with a legacy of creating and influencing a musical genre, impacting the cultural footprint of his time, and inadvertently establishing himself as a style icon. His farewell phrase of signing letters 'Sound As Ever' is something we've adopted as not only a name, but a mantra. Sound, as in a state of being, yet also a nod to our music backgrounds and an acknowledgement that music is the common thread that runs through all of our lives.

And with that, you’ll find playlist scan codes on some of our products, musings and interviews from folks we’re listening to on our web journal, and upcoming capsule collections from musicians we’re collaborating with.

Our team craves human connection through artistic and musical channels, so if you’re feeling inspired to share your story, designs, art, ideas or music - don’t be a stranger.

Sound as Ever is just getting started, so please check back often as it’s our vision to expand into many categories and offerings.


As a 'For-Purpose' company, our goal is to support and promote the welfare of others through charitable partnerships. For every order over $100, we donate 50 meals to families in need through our partnership with Feeding America.


Good karma is our guide. We’ve crafted or sourced our products with the greatest consciousness to sustainability, fair trade and environmental stewardship. We utilize eco-friendly packaging and shipping supplies. Positive social and environmental impact is one of the guiding principles for measuring our success as a small business. We will always strive to be better, stay aware and adopt new ways to be kind to the planet each day.


We’re shining a light on boutique Artisans + Makers who embody the same attention to detail and philosophy of craft that we do. Our goal is to elevate these Makers as a conduit for their ability to thrive. These goods are mostly handmade products not available in mainstream marketplaces such as Amazon or major retail stores. Give us a shout to collaborate.

Gram Parsons Polaroid by: Jim McCrary