Cosmic Wink of Laurel Canyon

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Sometimes you just know you’re on the right path…

Remember the Cosmos and the Uni-verse or One Song is always conspiring in your favor!

Our Cosmic Wink candle will wrap you warmly in all its magical goodness, combining cannabis flower, bay leaf and the soulful scent of Nag Champa with Dad's favorite Pinion Pine, Whiskey, Tobacco and Sweetgrass to wrap you in its cosmic rays!


Floating up in the air from the homes all around us, tucked in tight to the hillsides, Laurel Canyon in the 70’s was all about music, love and kindness. Surrounded by the sound of laughter and the scent of incense and cannabis, the constant strumming of one acoustic guitar or another rising through every bedroom window, fresh clean hair left wet and long flowing skirts with no shoes. We all mostly lived barefoot with dirt in our toes. Meals shared with others over backyard campfires and the night sky all around us.

Life was slow in a way some will never know again perhaps. But if you lived it, you know it never leaves you...

Still to this day I find the most comforting things in my life are the tiniest things from that time so long ago. Everywhere in my home I find comfort and loving safety from things of my past. Soft lighting, the smell of pure orange blossom soap, the perfect clay thrown coffee mug or the jar of raw honey with the honey wand I remember from my childhood where I lived with my father. Moss green velvet pillows or a vase of fresh eucalyptus, natural wood bowls full of treasures from the garden, or fresh flowers by the bedside. 

Nothing surrounds us in sensory comfort quite like tiny bits of who we truly are at our core. Funny how the truth really never leaves us… perhaps sometimes we just need to slow down and re-member, that we are always in some way only here for now and find the sweet parts of our story that centers us most.


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