Reflecting on Gram's Legacy

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As Gram Parsons’ daughter, I tend to live life with one foot in the present and another in the past.

And the soundtrack is amazing. There is always more to learn, and people both past and present to teach you about who you are and the rich tapestry of where you came from. 

Every decade or so it seems a slow steady rumble bubbles up as if Gram is restless in the heavens and wants to kick up some dust, to jam with his friends and to make himself known. He is indeed with us all in spirit and has some surprises left in store.
This has been one of those decades.

Lanky and lean like her Grandfather, my daughter Harper Lee started this year off traveling with me to dad’s original stomping grounds of Winter Haven, Florida. Steeped in southern gothic rock and roll tradition and historical tales of my family, the river carried us along, listening to music at the Gram Parsons Derry Down surrounded by genuine people keeping dad’s memory and music alive and well.

Back at home, Sound As Ever was created, inspired by Gram’s style and flair, bringing that cosmic uniqueness into our hearts and homes of the people we love and the community we share.

Little did we know at the time, we would make our debut at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, getting an amazing welcome at their latest exhibit, Western Edge: The Roots and Reverberations of Los Angeles Country-Rock in Nashville Tennessee. If you haven’t experienced it yet, it’s one of the finest weavings into the how, what, where, and when we all came to the pivotal moment when Country and Rock blended and changed music forever.

But he was just getting started!

Cut to: A buried treasure chest of never-before heard recordings of Gram and Emmylou, sourced from the vocal mics at the Bijou Cafe in Philadelphia. We are now working to bring to light Gram’s final show through Amoeba Music’s Kickstarter campaign beginning on November 17th.

Rounding this year off as one for the GP records. A whole gang of folks continue to get together yearly on the high seas, joining Sixthman Productions/Sirius XM and The Outlaw Country Cruise, who lovingly welcomed me into the fold to celebrate along side artists like Jim Lauderdale, Lucinda Williams, John Doe, Social Distortion - along with a plethora of talented artists. Every one of them Outlaws, just like Dad.

Perpetuating Gram’s legacy can be a never ending lesson in remaining teachable. It’s humbling to say the least. It can be both a fire hose level blast of learning and a warm embrace of rich history and family ties to the musicians who continue to blaze the trail he kicked up. I must admit there is a lot to learn, and sometimes I stumble.

But one thing remains constant for sure: In the collective consciousness of music lovers and the deep soil of Country Music and Rock and Roll, Gram Parsons never ceases to make his presence known.

Sound As Ever

— Polly Parsons
November 22nd 2022
Austin Texas

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  • By any measure, it’s been an important year. We continue to urge for Gram’s induction into the Hall of Fame and your visit to the opening of the new museum exhibit sent more good vibes to those influencers. Congratulations to you for having raised your beautiful daughter, Lee, for 17 years making sure she also learns where she came from. Stay well and thank you for sharing. Hope to see you soon.

    Carolyn Woosley on

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