Meet Your Maker: Willee Roberts

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 "What Touches Your Head Is Holy"

A handful of years ago we found ourselves in the Bay Area of San Francisco, wandering through the crowds of a music festival, Outside Lands, in Golden Gate Park shaking from the chill in the air even though it was supposedly summer. As Austinites, Mark Twain's quote rang true: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."
We spotted (a then stranger) Willee Roberts' hat pretty quickly when he passed by as envied both the warmth over his head and the obvious authenticity of it's style. What felt like an instant connection and appreciation for his story and craft has led us to our collaboration with his hat company, Hampui Hats, all these years later. 
For our Felt Brim hats, we’ve collaborated with Willee to custom design 6 one-of-a-kind hats made only of sustainable raw materials designed exclusively for Sound As Ever. The fibers for our felt hats are sourced from free-range sheep or reclaimed invasive Coypu. The dyes that color our hat bodies are from natural sources, never synthetic. He uses soft llama leather for our sweat bands, which supports ancestral Andean llama herds, as opposed to the environmentally destructive raising of cattle.
Hampui Hats specializes in fine custom-made and ready-to-wear hats. Their partnerships with indigenous weavers and crafts people around the globe allow us to create responsibly-sourced, one-of-a-kind, spectacular hats to aid in the healing of our planet and to help each wearer be their best self.


Hampui Hats are tools of transformation. A prayer in hat form, if you will:

To call back all the pieces of your soul so you may be your best self

To support whatever personal or collective transformation you seek

To serve as a wearable reminder of your rituals or intentions

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